Global Technology is authorized to administer exams for the most popluar Testing Bodies.

For computer based exams the following information should be noted:

The testing center is open from Tuesday to Friday. Exams can be done at 9:00AM or 1:00PM
Students are required to come into the office at least one week prior to their desired examination date to schedule, confirm and pay for the examination.
Two valid forms of identification is required, a Primary & Secondary

Primary ID must be current, valid and contain your photograph and signature.
Examples of Primary ID:

National Identification
Driver License

Secondary ID must contain your signature.
Example of Secondary ID:

Student Badge
Work ID
Bank Card

NB: Signature on IDs must be corresponding.

If a student wishes to reschedule exam need to make contact with the office at least 3 days prior to exam.
Payment Type: Cash, Visa card, US Dollars or Cheque