Why choose Global Technology for your Academic Training

Qualified Teachers: Our students are presently being tutored by highly qualified teachers with years of experience. Our teachers have graduated from some of the finest universities in the world.


The Ministry of Education’s Syllabus is applied for Forms 1-3 and the CSEC syllabus for Forms 4 and 5.

Continuous Assessments

Our students are continually assessed. For each subject, a student must undergo three major assessments per term. An end of term report is sent to Parents/Guardians that include the results of three assessments as well as attendance.

Success Stories

Over the years, we have consistently improved the academic performance of our students at their respective schools and the CSEC Examinations. We have produced some of Guyana’s top CSEC graduating students.

Communication with Parents and Guardians

We consistently communicate with Parents and Guardians to discuss the performance of their children. There are also scheduled meetings with staff members.


Each student is given a copy of the rules and regulations upon registration. These rules and regulations are strictly enforced.


Comfortable classrooms, conducive to learning. Spacious rooms, with tiled floors.

Adult Classes

Special adult classes are available for persons who have left school and would like to complete their CSEC education.

Convenient Timetables

Classes are conducted at convenient times every afternoon during the week, between 3:30pm and 6:30pm. For students who cannot attend classes during the week, there are classes held on Sundays.

CXC Exam

[Global Technology Inc Academic Centre is an approved Ministry of Education CXC Exam Centre.


Site visits to different companies in Guyana are arranged. These visits will help students to understand present careers and to plan their own career. They also enjoy sporting activities.

Class Size

Average class size is 20. Maximum class size is 25.