We have a number of training programs to help you gain the knowledge to use appropriate programs to create visuals.
You also have the option of writing exams to gain certificates that are internationally recognized from likes such as Adobe.

Desktop Publishing

This package covers the features using in Corel Draw, Corel PhotoPaint & Adobe Photoshop. Learn to work with colour styles, text, create images for the web; understand vector and bitmap images, layers, transforming objects, etc.
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Website Design

Courses included in this package covers everything from creating websites using HTML, creating, editing and optimizing web graphics, manipulate vector and raster graphic for animation to how to design publish and maintain websites.
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Media Package

The media package covers the editing video and audio files to create a final product that is can be used for a number of purposes on varied mediums; be it radio, television, smartphone, online, etc.
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Content Management Systems

CMS is designed to support the management of the content of Web pages. It allows you to control what content is created, modified and removes on the website yourself.
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