If you are new to computers, this is where you can start!
This Foundation package will introduce computers to you clearly and systematically.happycomp

The Foundation Package provides individuals with a broad-based local certification, verifying that they possess the accepted standard of computer knowledge; Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Internet literacy is ensured with programme, making you more efficient and marketable.


Prerequisite: None

Package consists of the following courses:

Computer Fundamentals (Windows 10)
Internet & Email
Word Core 2016
Excel Core 2016

Successful completion of Foundation Package will:

Provide individuals with the core skills and knowledge necessary to use key computer applications and the Internet.
Develop essential skills with Microsoft’s leading business desktop software: Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel.
Gain necessary skills to move onto advanced courses and improve skillset.
Prepare students to write internationally recognised examinations which they use to further enhance other certifications.